I do various things to pay the bills which include but are not limited to:

EDUCATION: Over the years I have taught private piano students and music Theory. I’ve also given a few clinics and am currently developing more educational material related to vintage keyboard performance.  I’ve been teaching at the Detroit School of Rock and Pop in Royal Oak since January 2013. Since the pandemic began I have been teaching online over zoom.

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Piano, Organ, Synth, Keyboard, Vocals. I’ve traveled all over the world performing music for the last 20 years with some legendary performers. It’s made up the bulk of my musical experience. I’ve played thousands of gigs in almost every situation you can imagine. From sold out auditoriums, to weddings, to funerals, festivals, to restaurants to castle’s in France. I’ve seen a lot of things playing music for a living.

VOCALS/VOICE OVER: I’ve got my own voice. It’s a mixture of my favorite influences but it comes through my mouth and is shaped by the shape of my head, etc. People often say I sound like I should be on the radio when I talk. I think they’re right. Maybe the opportunity will present itself.

RECORDING: I’ve performed on over 80 Albums in many different genres. I love the excitement of creating the right part and feel for whatever song I’m working on. I’ve appeared on major label releases by Sponge, Kem, Thornetta Davis, Johnnie Bassett and many others. My Complete discography is here.

COMPUTER/TECH/SOFTWARE ASSISTANCE:  As a keyboard player and tech fan I’m quite handy with gadgets, software and computers. I’m Apple based now but had a solid foundation of working in Windows too. My view is whatever gets the job done is best. I’m usually the guy my friends ask about tech. I use technology in every part of my day and I love solving problems with tech. I’m not afraid of the future. Although bots and drones make me a little nervous. I’ve held a lot of people’s hands as they walked down the technology road. I help bridge the gap.

PRODUCING: I worked all of  The Brothers Groove albums and have produced s for Johnnie Bassett. I love working in my command center/home studio


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